What is a hosting?

Hosting is a service of providing resources for posting information on the Internet (websites, blogs, forums, etc.), supporting software, databases, cms serving access to this information.

Which tariff plan is better for me?

If you are going to place no more than 3-5 pages on your site and update them no more than once every six months, the most suitable hosting plan for all parameters will be "Small" or "Basic". If you need to connect a MySQL database or you want to use CMS - then "Standard", "Gold" or "Extend", depending on the size of the site.

For more serious projects, the plans are "Business", "Enterprise", "VIP" or virtual servers (VPS/VDS).

Corporate customers, and those who actively post a large amount of information on the network, it is best to use the tariffs virtual or dedicated servers.

What is the difference between SSD hosting and HDD hosting?

To understand the differences between SSD hosting and usual hosting, you need to go a little deeper into the technical part of the question and find out what SSD and HDD are.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) - devices for storing data on the principle of magnetic recording, in the design there is a rotating magnetic disk on which data is recorded using a magnetic head.      At this time, this technology is almost at the peak of its development.

The advantages of HDD include: large storage capacity, low cost. But there is one significant drawback - the speed of access to data is much lower compared with drives with technology SSD.

SSD (Solid State Drive) is a new type of disk that uses microschemes to store information. This allows you to access memory cells almost instantly.      Therefore, the main advantage of this disk is the fast data transfer speed, high reliability (no moving parts), high performance. The disadvantages include a higher price and a smaller amount of memory compared to the HDD.

On SSD hosting, you can easily launch a web application that needs more performance and faster response to requests. This will ensure you an easy and stable work of a highly loaded resource. Many modern CMS require the presence of SSDs. CMS when generating a page is often necessary to simultaneously access several files on the disk. For this process, SSD drives are an excellent choice.

Therefore, if you need high performance and reliability, then choose SSD!

What is SSL and its benefits?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a cryptographic protocol that provides secure transmission of information on the Internet. Most often, SSL is used with the most common hypertext transfer protocol - http. The presence of a secure connection is indicated by the suffix "s" - the protocol will be called https. The SSL protocol allows you to establish a secure connection between the web browser and the server.

The SSL protocol is used in cases where it is necessary to ensure the proper level of protection of information that the user transmits to the server. On some sites that work with electronic money (banks, online stores, content exchanges), secret data is transmitted. In addition to the password, it can be a number and a series of passports, a credit card number, a PIN code, etc. Such information is of great interest to attackers, so if you use the unprotected http protocol for transmission, then your data can be completely intercepted and used for mercenary purposes. To prevent the interception of sensitive information, Netscape Communications created the SSL protocol.

Whether hosting relocation affects the issue in the search?

Some people are wondering, but how exactly hosting relocation can affect the issue in the search. After all, the promotion of the site and its SEO-optimization cost a lot of money and no one wants to lose money. As practice shows, these fears have practically no basis.
The transfer of the site to another hosting absolutely does not affect the issue in the search. Search engines are important only your domain name, but not the hosting on which the site itself is located. Although some changes after the transfer may occur.
For example, you moved your site to a new hosting with a much higher up-time indicator and server hardware performance. This will have a positive effect on the download speed of the site and its time of trouble-free operation. For search engine robots, it is extremely important that the site constantly works and boots quickly.
Another undoubted advantage will be the site's move to hosting, which is closer to the target audience of the site. Thus, the site will be more accessible to them and this will have a positive effect on the number of visits.
Negative consequences are minimal, but from them also no one is immune. During the transfer, the site will not work for a while and it is possible that it is at this point that the search robot will go to the site. Just a single inaccessibility of the site will not greatly affect the rating, but it is possible to lose several points.
If possible, then take a dedicated IP - this will avoid such problems as getting your site's IP into the mail or search engine filters due to possible illegal actions of sites that are on the same IP as yours.

Is it possible to change the tariff plan in the future?

Yes, you can change your tariff plan at any time. This is a free service.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a service within which a user is provided with a working space on a server with a guaranteed capacity limit that does not change when other clients' sites are loaded on a physical server. n terms of operating system management, the VPS is similar to a physical dedicated server. In particular, you get: root-access to the server, own IP-addresses, ports, traffic filtering rules, etc.

What to choose - VPS or a dedicated server?

The answer depends on the expected load on the server, software requirements, hardware and available budget. It makes sense to take into account the prospect of growth of the project.

How fast is a virtual server issued?

VDS / VPS are issued automatically after payment of the order. Requisites for access to the server are sent by e-mail to the address specified at registration of the account. Before installation, you will be able to choose from several OSes - Centos 6-7, Debian 7-8, Ubuntu 14, 16. After accessing the control panel, if necessary, you can install another OS you need. The installation lasts approximately 5 minutes and runs in fully automatic mode.

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated server (dedicated server) - the service provided by our specialists ready-to-operate server, connected to the network according to the selected conditions. This is the best solution for those who do not want to spend time and money to buy the server and the costs associated with its configuration and administration. You get access to the server at the root level and you can change its settings yourself, install any software.

How fast are the dedicated servers issued?

A dedicated server is issued within a period of 3 to 120 hours. Time depends on the issuance of the server by the data center. The usual period of server installation is from 3 to 5 hours during working hours. Some configurations require additional time to process the order in the data center. Servers that are available are installed within a few minutes, it takes only time to install the OS. You will be available several OS to choose from: Centos 6-7, Debian 7-8, Ubuntu 14, 16.

How many IP addresses are provided with the server?

Each server is provided with 1 IP address, can be increased to 3-5 pcs. from one subnet for additional payment.

What is included in technical support for a rented server?

We offer non-administratable servers for rent. This means that our duties include: a) solving network availability problems; b) solution hardware problems with the equipment in the data center, including the proposed servers; c) as much as possible detailed consultations and advice to clients on ways of elimination of arising problems (to the best of our competence); d) collection and analysis of information from the company's customers, and immediate decision-making to eliminate the problems encountered.

What is "domain" or "domain name"?

All computers on the network, including the servers of the host-providers, have their own IP-address, which is a sequence of numbers. So, to find a site on the World Wide Web, you need to know the IP address of the server where the site is located. However, on one server or on another IP-address there can be a lot of different sites. How to be? To facilitate the search, the Domain Name System (DNS) was invented. This alternative addressing system is more understandable to man. You give your site a unique name, or otherwise, a domain name.

Domain name is a unique combination of Latin characters, by which you can identify your site among many others. In addition to letters, the domain can contain numbers from 1 to 9 and the hyphen "-", but the hyphen can not be at the beginning and end of the domain. The domain length can be from 2 to 63 characters.

Then place your site on a server with a specific IP address. In order for a specific digital IP-address to match the symbolic domain name of your site, there are special DNS-servers.

DNS-server - a program that converts a domain name to a digital IP-address and vice versa. In the memory of these servers are stored extensive tables, in which each domain name is associated with an IP address. Remember that a lot of domain names can correspond to the same IP address! Every time you type a domain name in a browser, the DNS service calculates which IP address matches that name and which resource you need to provide. Therefore, the domain name of the site is often called - the domain name of the site or the domain name of the server, etc. In essence, this is all the same.

How to register a domain for free?

When buying a hosting or VPS server from HostMagnat for a year or more, you have the opportunity to get one domain as a present. Depending on the package, you have the option to select a domain in certain domain zones. So you need to choose a suitable hosting package or VPS, click the "Order now" button, specify the desired domain and check its availability, then you need to choose a payment cycle for hosting for 1 year (annual) or for a VPS server for 6 months and complete your order. The system will automatically register for you the domain for free, after you pay the hosting.

Attention, during the trial period, the free domain is not registered, it will be registered only after payment for the hosting / VPS server.

How can I transfer a domain to you, which DNS?

After activating your account, you will be sent an email with the settings, which will indicate which ns you need to set in your domain. If the domain is not purchased from us, then you are doing the DNS change operation on the website of your name registrar (or by using their technical support). To change DNS domains purchased from us, you need to make a request in the form of a DNS change for the domain from your billing panel, or create a ticket in tech support.

What is WHOIS Privacy and what is it for?

"WHOIS Privacy" is a service that you can order one time in addition to your domain. This service hides from the general overview and protects contact details of the real domain owner.

In accordance with the requirements of international rules, all information about the domain owner, after registration, should be available for general review through WHOIS-services. Non-hidden WHOIS data often results in a large amount of SPAM on the client's e-mail box, unwanted contacts from the sales agents, and also increases the risk of encountering scammers.

The "WHOIS Privacy" service ensures the confidentiality of your personal data by replacing all public contact information with alternative contacts (your hosting provider), while you remain the true owner of the domain!

What are parked domains?

Parked domains are domains additionally "attached" to the main, displaying the contents of the main site. For example, if you have a site with the site.ru domain, you can park the domain site.com (for this, the domain will also need to be registered), then, at site.ru and at site.com, one and the same site.